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History and Accomplishments

History of ASEA

The Alabama State Employees Association is an organization that has over 60 years of service to state employees within Alabama. Once known as the State Employees Social Club, ASEA was originally formed as a network of cafeterias and grills located in the Capitol complex, designed to serve state workers.

The organization broadened to become a statewide non-dues paying association, around 1971. In two years, ASEA began charging membership dues, as it extended its access to member benefits and grew as an association.

What started as a small social club in the 1940’s, became a large statewide organization basing its principles upon the betterment of all state employees. This principle has been the leading factor in helping ASEA maintain its years of service, and continued growth in the state of Alabama.

ASEA not only serves the active state employee, but also provides access to many benefits for the retired state worker with ASEA Retired. It is with the support of all active and retired state employees that ASEA can help build a better Alabama for our citizens and secure a better work environment for today’s state employees.

ASEA provides access to benefits which far outweigh its membership cost. The current rate of membership for active and retired employees is approximately 33¢ per day.


ASEA represents employees effectively before the Alabama Legislature as a strong advocate for state employees. ASEA is hands-on when it comes to fighting for cost-of living adjustments, better employee benefits, reduction of contract employment, and support of the Merit System. The association has registered lobbyists on staff who work to protect your rights and benefits as a state employee.

ASEA’s many accomplishments include:

  • Equality of Citizenship Act that allows state employees to exercise the same expression of political activity as all other citizens of this state.
  • Legislation to implement the DROP Plan
  • Preventing layoffs
  • Legislation to hold down health care costs
  • Supporting adequate funding for the State
  • Employee pay raises
  • Protection of the State Merit System
  • Protection of the State Retirement System
  • Longevity pay for all eligible state employees with bonuses ranging from $500 to $1000
  • Payment for unused sick leave upon retirement
  • Increased annual leave accumulation has doubled since 1973, going from 30 days to 60 days
  • 25-year retirement with full benefits (instead of 30-yr)
  • Automobile liability insurance for employees and personal liability insurance for employees while on the job.

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